A few years ago, Jeffrey Merriweather and his family had it all, living in their home of 17 years and enjoying the precious moments that go along with having small grandchildren. Unfortunately, things changed when Jeffrey found himself on disability leave and later, let go from his job, but one thing was left untouched: Jeffrey’s drive to rebuild what was lost.

After going through a foreclosure on the family home, Jeffrey knew that stability for his grandkids, Jaylen and Jayla, was his number one priority. After a brief stay with relatives, Jeffrey turned to Gateway180 in order to make sure he and his grandkids could get the support they needed, especially with the kids experiencing formative years at the ages of two and five.

Jayla, 2, and her grandfather practice reading in the Children’s Activity Center at G180.
Jeffrey Merriweather, with G180’s help, is working to provide the stability his grandchildren need.
Jayla is a kid constantly on the move and curious about the world around her.
Jeffrey finds ways to keep Jayla occupied while her brother is at school.
G180’s commitment is to helping families in our community—like the Merriweathers.
Jaylen, 5, lives at Gateway180 with his grandfather and younger sister, Jayla.
Among Jaylen’s favorite after school activities is a trip to the park with his family.

Jeffrey is currently working hard along with his Case Manager’s support to move into Gateway180’s housing program. The children’s programs have kept the kids busy and emotionally healthy as well while their grandpa works to establish the stable life they all deserve.

Our Case Manager has been outstanding in helping us through the process and moving us towards housing

As they look to their bright future, Jeffrey hopes that in a year, they’ll be established in their own home and actively involved at school. If there’s one thing that his experience with homelessness has taught him, it’s that the material things come and go, but family is number one.

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